Psicoterapia Online Lic Mariana Bonaño. Emotional Space

Online Psychotherapy.

Take care of your mental health in the face of the challenges that life presents.

Effective Coping.

As a grief specialist therapist, I can assist you on your journey to rebuilding a life that integrates your loss. During grief, it is normal to feel anger, sadness, guilt, or confusion. Therapy can help you effectively cope with these emotions.

Couples Therapy

Transform your relationship and rediscover the lost connection.

Through couples therapy, unlock effective communication, strengthen emotional bonds, and pave the way towards lasting love. Discover, with your partner, the power of therapy to build a future full of intimacy and happiness. Begin your journey towards a stronger and healthier relationship today.

Work on communication, emotional connection, sexuality, and infidelity. Every couple can reconnect if there is an interest.