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Specialised psychologist

My goal is to create a comfortable and safe environment where we will work together to achieve your goals.

I have over 10 years of training at your service to meet your needs.

I'm Mariana Bonaño.

I hold a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Currently, I specialize in treating adult clients using the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) model, which is a cognitive-behavioral therapy. Additionally, I am a postgraduate-level teacher in psychotherapy at the UAI University of Buenos Aires.

My background

MBAs and

I have postgraduate training in the treatment of anxiety disorders, depression, and personality disorders in the University of Buenos Aires. I received training in Mindfulness and stress reduction from the Mindfulness and Health Society, and in the cognitive-behavioral approach to autism spectrum disorders from the ETCI Foundation.

I studied Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and third-wave therapies at the Foro Foundation, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Evidence-Based Grief Treatment with an ACT approach.

I have also received training in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Stress Medicine from the Argentine Medical Association, as well as in the EMDR model for trauma treatment and BADT (Behavioral activation depression treatment)

I have training in Couples Therapy in CPP and FAP (Functional Analytic Psychotherapy) at CATC.

I have been part of various training institutions of Buenos Aires where I specialized in clinical psychology, such as CPP (Private Center for Psychotherapies) and Foro Foundation.

My main motivation, which keeps me in continuous training and improvement, is to give the most effective treatment available to my clients to enhance their lives.

Share what you feel in a safe space, where therapy adapts to your needs.