Psicoterapia Online Lic Mariana Bonaño. Emotional Space

This is the perfect place to share how you feel.

Specialized Therapy

I invite you to work towards a meaningful life, addressing psychological pain and making the necessary changes to move forward.

Individual therapy

As social human beings, we benefit from sharing how we feel in a bias free environment. In individual therapy we will define togheter your reason for consultation and the steps we need to take in order to build a life worth living.

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Grieving is one of the most painful experiences of human life. I will walk next to you through this process to help you find new meaning and purpose after your loss.

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Couples therapy

Transform your relationship and reconnect emotionaly with your partner. In couples therapy we work on overcoming obstacles towards a happy relationship. Communication, sexual or infidelity issues can be solved. A better relationship is possible!

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“As a therapist, what’s important to me is to apply all my knowledge at the service of my clients, to help them grow and overcome difficult situations with integrity, in order to build a better life.”

Lic. Mariana Bonaño

My clients' oppinions

Share your feelings in a safe place, where therapy adapts to your needs.